Old School Fun: Adventure Playground

You know summer’s nearing it’s end when the back to school sales begin and when Adventure Playground in HB Central Park, east of the library, is counting down the days till it closes.  Sure, it’s probably the same mud you played in when YOU were a kid, but it’s good old  fun in the dirt. Perfect for my boys who love building forts with real hammers and nails, going down the mudslide, zooming down the zip line in a tire,  and rafting around the pond.

Here are some photos from last year. The boys have only been there once this year with Daddy but I will certainly take them again before the Playground closes on Augsut 12th! It’s open Monday through Saturday 10am-4pm and it only costs $3 per child! Can’t beat that.  If your kids like getting dirty (and if YOU don’t mind when they do) — then be sure to take them.  Wear old clothes, old sneakers, bring a chair for you, pack a lunch and towels and you are set!

Adventure Playground Sign
The handpainted sign says it all. Photo by Leah Lyman.

Adventure Playground | Surf City FamilyIt’s always fun to come with friends – and even better to see kids cooperating.

You don’t really see that when they are playing video games.

For us, summer is never complete without a visit to the Adventure Playground.  Sure you could always go to Disneyland or Knotts for an adventure, but there’s just something so innocent and refreshing about kids playing in mud!

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