Gone Fishing!

It was early. It was grey and cold. But there they were kids dressed in overalls and straw hats doing their best Huck Finn-impression, fishing poles in hand and eagerness in their eyes to land the big one.
It was the first time we took our boys fishing on the pier. So there was definitely some excitement leading up to last Saturday for the 47th Annual Huck Finn Fishing Derby organized by the City. However, the kids’ enthusiasm waned after the first hour, especially when all they caught was seaweed!

So we left without finding out who caught the big fish and who won the costume contest. We were all hungry and grumpy as it was nearing noon. It was a fun experience nonetheless. Next year we’ll be better prepared with hoodies and snacks and a whole lot of patience.

Check out the OC Register’s photos from the event.

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