Met the actual Tillamook Cheese loaf during the Loaf Love Tour stop at Costa Mesa in March. Tillamook hosted a mini-grilled cheese cook-off competition which was eventually won by the Barone Family aka Glitterful Felt. We sampled LOTS of cheese and it was delicious! 

Tillamook has been around a long time. I read that over 100 years ago, several local creameries formed the Tillamook County Creamery Association in Tillamook, Oregon to ensure the highest quality, most consistent products possible, and the collective well-being of local farmers. According to the company website: “Today, it’s a cooperative of approximately 110 dairy farming families, many which are third-generation co-op members. The co-op makes the No. 1 selling brand of natural chunk cheese in the West, in addition to offering a variety of other cheeses and dairy products.” Even cooler is that the company’s profits go back to the farmers.


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