Easy to Make 4th of July themed Crafts

Welcome our brand new contributor, Norma Villasenor. She is very creative and awesome with arts and crafts. Check out her kid-friendly creations every Thursday on Surf City Family.

Edible sparklers- yum!

For the sparklers you need:

Candiquick America’s Candy Coating
wax paper
pretzel rods
Deep bowl

Melt the candiquick in the microwave for 1 minute.
Dip half or less of pretzel road in chocolate coating
Shake sprinkles on to pretzel rod, turn the rod as you add sprinkles over the deep bowl  (sprinkles will jump all over if you use a plate). I don’t dip the rod into the sprinkles because it can make a big goopey mess)
Lay on wax paper to set the chocolate will harden within minutes
If candiquick starts to harden you can put it in the microwave for 15 seconds, mix, repeat if necessary.
Note: you can also dip strawberries and oreos in the candiquick for a special treat.

Patriotic Handprints

For the handprints:

Red, blue and white paint
Cardstock (color of choice)
foam or paint brushes
hole punch
ribbon (red, white or blue)
popsicle sticks

Paint the palm blue
paint the fingers: index red, middle white, ring finger red, pinky white
press hand on cardstock and lift carefully
Let dry
Add start stickers on palm

You can cut the handprint into a flag, attach a popsicle stick on the end, and punch a role for the ribbon.

Or you can frame it.

* * *

About the author: Norma is a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom), who organizes a meetup group, Artistic Moms at Home (A mom and kids craft playgroup) in Fountain Valley. She enjoys crafting and cooking with her two small children.

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