Fab Find: Caffe Caldo – Italian Cafe in Huntington Beach

It’s my new favorite spot in Huntington Beach. A little known cafe tucked in the refurbished shopping center on Beach at Atlanta, between a laundromat and a nail salon, near Las Barcas. I remember when it was called Mr. P’s and that was pretty cool for its time but that was before the Starbucks moved into the same center.

Caffe Caldo | Huntington Beach

The place is called “Caffe Caldo,” and it’s got a European feel with its painted mural, incandescent lighting and wood bar. I am told it’s supposed to have a steampunk vibe but though the ambience is cozy and darkly lit, it surely does not invite a crowd that’s into steampunk. At least not in the mornings when I’ve been there. Still, it’s pretty cool, and like steampunk, it feels set a world apart – especially in this world of uniform-looking Starbucks coffee shops at every corner, in a city known for a surfer beachy vibe.

I’ve enjoyed their breakfast bites in the morning to go with my craft roasted local coffee. They also have changing weekly dinner menus for either family take-out or dine in.

Caffe Caldo | Huntington Beach | Menu
For more information, visit caffecaldoespresso.com

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