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Kite Surfer Carter Thomas and Artist Sarah McCourt on “My HB” – Find Romance In Huntington Beach

The sunsets alone at Huntington Beach scream love and romance. But there are many other reasons Surf City can be considered a romantic hotspot.

To commemorate Valentine’s Day, we interviewed a couple about their Huntington Beach favorites. Meet Carter Thomas, a kitesurfing instructor and videographer, and his wife, Sarah McCourt, an artist and the owner of the popular Canvas Paint and Wine, Oh My painting classes. Even if they were interviewed separately for “My HB,” you can feel the love in their answers, which truly reflect how amazing – and romantic – Huntington Beach can be.

Carter and Sarah | Huntington Beach

Surf City Family: How long have you lived in Huntington Beach?

Carter: 15 years

SCF: How did you end up living in Huntington Beach?

Carter: I was racing BMX bikes professionally and wanted to be around the scene more, and the California lifestyle.

Sarah: I moved here 14 years ago but have lived here 13 years (I lived in France in 2009).  I moved here for the same reason I returned… this place is amazing.

Sarah | Canvas Paint and Wine | Huntington Beach

SCF: What do you like best about living here?

Carter: I like that I can go to a motocross track 7 days a week here.  There is not a  track available every day in most other states and the weather permits me to ride all year around.

Sarah: There is a lot to love about living here but I would say my favorites are: the sound of crashing waves at night, running on the beach/boardwalk, the way the feeling of sand in my toes gives me a sense of peace, and remembering that people used to believe that the ocean’s horizon was where the earth ended- so I get to feel like I live at the edge of the earth.

SCF: Name your favorite place to get breakfast?

Carter: I do change it up a lot but usually default back to the Sugar Shack.

Sarah: I’m sure you get this a lot… Sugar Shack.  We always get the HB Omelet.  Bonus: They have the best coffee!

SCF: Best date night place or date night itinerary in HB

Carter: I have to go with Captain Jacks for the crab legs and the local vibe there. (Is Sunset Beach considered HB?)  SCF: Yes, now it is.

Sarah: Well, I teach a step-by-step painting class for adults so I would say my class makes an excellent date night.  But, since I can’t take my own class, I would say for me, it would be a beach bike ride during sunset, dinner, and then going home to our ocean view balcony to relax and reminisce with my husband.

SCF: Favorite park/beach and why?

Carter: My favorite beach is between dog beach and the pier because that is my favorite place to kite surf.

Sarah: I love going to Huntington Central Park in the afternoon because I love to plein air paint there.  There are so many beautiful areas which are so fun to paint.

SCF: Do you have a secret/tip to give anyone who wants to visit/live in Huntington Beach? What is it?

Carter: My tip to someone visiting or moving to HB is to get in the water.   Dont just go to the beach and stay on the sand.  Get a wetsuit and play in the ocean.  It turns everyone into a kid again.  Grab a boogie board or just body surf, but dont just sit on the sand!

Sarah: Relax and enjoy the beach!

Thank you Sarah and Carter!

Now enjoy some kitesurfing action from Carter Thomas. Email him for information on kite surfing lessons.

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