Personal Trainer Stacy Rae Mednick on “My HB”

Stacy Rae Mednick is a personal trainer, business owner and Surf City Mama. She took our usual “My Huntington Beach (HB) Questions” and decided to answer them in her own way.

Stacy Rae | Personal Trainer | My HB
Stacy Rae at her fitness studio on the border of Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa.

Here’s what Stacy Rae had to say about Huntington Beach.

“One of our most favorite things to do as a family is spend time at the beach in Huntington Beach. We bring a picnic and set up our area for a few hours with our family. Our family enjoys bringing the boogie boards and chairs..TIP: bring your camera to get some fun pictures and don’t forget the watermelon…cold watermelon on a hot summer day is a memory you can have forever with our family. We have spent more time in our own back yard (the beach) for years now and it is a tradition along with memories that our three beautiful boys will remember for a lifetime.”

Stacy Rae Mednick

Connect with Stacy Rae at or call 714 717-0335

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