Good 2 Go From Head to Toe Family Health and Wellness

On Saturday, my son and I ventured out to Irvine! Yes, yes this isn’t a Surf City story but it is still in Orange County. We attended Pretend City’s annual Family Health and Wellness Fair. The free event provided lots of activities for kids like face painting, games, bubble painting and musical entertainment AND more importantle, free Health Screenings!

Here’s a Flipagram to give you an idea of the good time that was had by all attendees.

This past weekend, 1,400 grown-ups, children and little ones joined in on the healthy and developmental fun on June 7, 2014 at Pretend City Children’s Museum for its fifth annual Good To Go From Head To Toe Family Fun and Wellness Fair. Families from all over Orange County and Southern California gathered for a morning and afternoon of free developmental screenings, community and health-related activities, nutritious eating education, live music and other family fun. Children under five years of age received important “head to toe” screenings included hearing, speech and language, behavior, BMI, fine and gross motor, and dental screenings.

My son is older than 5 but the fair over all was very informative and entertaining. We even played inside the Pretend City Museum and my son said, “I remember this place! I had so much fun,” as he proceeded to play pretend even if he were a bit older than the kids around. You are never too old to play!

The Good to Go From Head to Toe Family Fun and Wellness Fair was sponsored by the Children and Families Commission of Orange County.

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