Lisa of Fresh Ink Tees | Huntington Beach

Meet Lisa Stewart of Fresh Ink Tees, Huntington Beach

When asked to describe herself, Huntington Beach native Lisa Stewart says she is a “Mom, Taxi Cab Driver, Chef, ATM, Therapist, Washing Machine operator, Dog Walker, House Keeper, oh and I do Hair and Sell Graphic T-shirts!” This busy mom of three is a popular hair stylist and entrepreneur. Her latest venture with her husband and kids is “Fresh Ink Tees,” which currently sells its original designs on Etsy. We chatted with Lisa about her Huntington Beach favorites.

Lisa of Fresh Ink Tees | Huntington Beach

Surf City Family (SCF): How long have you lived in Huntington Beach?
Lisa Stewart(LS): “I have lived in HB since I was born 49 years ago, and most of those years were in the downtown area.”

SCF: What do you like best about living here?
LS: The Beach

SCF: What’s your favorite breakfast place?
LS: Petes Mexican for Breakfast, a true locals joint!

SCF: What about your favorite place to dine for special occasions?
LS: “We like Duke’s. Hopefully there’ll be some new great places when Pacific city opens up.”

SCF: “Favorite park?”
LS: “Lake Park is our favorite, because we used to live right across the street, when our daughter was born. So we would go there every day. Even if my kids are bigger, we still go to the park regularly. My favorite Beach spot is 17th street – I’ve been going to that spot since I was a teenager!”

SCF: “Got any secret tips?”
LS: “Not really. No secrets tips, except watch out for the street sweepers!”

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