Blue Flame Coffee – A local Huntington Beach Roastery

When I heard there was a new coffee roaster in town, I was all over it – because I do love coffee and I love supporting small biz. I visited Blue Flame coffee in the industrial part of Huntington Beach, where I met with the owner and sampled some coffee myself. Straight up good coffee, that’s what Blue Flame coffee is. I found out that the original Blue Flame Coffee brand dates back to 1893. The current Blue Flame coffee is roasted locally right here in Huntington Beach.


I chatted with Blue Flame Coffee owner Michael Widjaja about his business venture.

Blue Flame Coffee owner Michael Widjaja
Blue Flame Coffee owner Michael Widjaja

Surf City Family (SCF): How did you decide to start your business?
Michael Widjaja (MW) Business has always been in the family since the very beginning. Most of my family members are entrepreneurs, from manufacturing to retail, we have been in the business world for many years. Ever since I was young, I have always dreamt of one day having my own business in the food and beverage industry.

SCF: Why coffee?
MW: Food has always been my passion, hobby, and enjoyment, but none can compare to coffee. Being an Indonesian, I have been exposed to the complex and deep flavors of coffee. And I am proud to say that Indonesia offers one of the best coffees on Earth, especially coffee from the Island of Sumatera. When roasted right, you get balance and a deep taste of chocolate and earthy goodness. Sumatran coffee allows you to taste nature at its purest form. I graduated from culinary school and after getting myself deeper into the world of coffee, I realized that coffee is like food. You can get so much from coffee, and each process from planting to brewing is crucial. Roasting is just like cooking, it is an art that has the ability to unearth the rich and complex flavors found in the coffee beans itself. Coffee speaks of culture, heritage, simplicity, and passion. Coffee speaks of the land. It speaks of people, and it tells a story while giving pleasure and enjoyment all at the same time.


SCF: Why Huntington Beach?
What more can I say…Surf City USA! Huntington Beach is a great city with a tight community. I love the area! I love the people! And therefore, it is the perfect place to begin the story of The Blue Flame Coffee.


You can learn more and order online at blueflamecoffee.com or better yet, visit the roastery and tasting room for unlimited FREE COFFEE starting September 12th.
Blue Flame Coffee is located at 15541 Product Ln #102, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

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