Alicia Whitney

My HB: Restaurateur Alicia Whitney Shares Some Surf City Secrets

Alicia Whitney is the woman behind everyone’s favorite wine bar, SeaLegs; the new-ish SeaSalt and the even newer Prjkt restaurant concepts in Bolsa Chica State Beach, including SeaLegs at the Beach, SeaSalt Beachside Burger, Pacific Kitchen and Beach City Provisions. She is fierce and energetic and oh so inspiring. Check out what Alicia likes to do with her Surf City Family in Huntington Beach.

Alicia Whitney
Alicia and her daughter. Photo by Candace Rock Photography.


Surf City Family (SCF) :How long have you lived in Huntington Beach?

Alicia Whitney (AW): Since 2001
SCF: How did you end up living in Huntington Beach?

AW: I moved here from the Lake Tahoe area, where I grew up, to come to Orange County for school. My uncle owns Hurricane’s downtown, so it is what brought me to HB and then I fell in love with this city and never left.

SCF: What do you like best about living here?

AW: I love our thriving community and I love the vibrancy this city holds. I love our sense of community, how much our city values families and loving our fellow neighbors. I love our beaches and all the events that bring people together. I love all the people who fight for this city in the council and associations to make this city the best city in Orange County. I am proud to reside here, raise my daughter here, own multiple small businesses here, invest in HB and leave a legacy behind here.
SCF: Name your favorite place to get breakfast?

AW: I can’t lie, SeaSalt Woodfire Grill has the best breakfast in Huntington Beach.

Breakfast is served. Photo courtesy of SeaSalt Woodfire Grill

SCF: Best place for dining out on a special occasion?

AW: I really like Black Trumpet and having dates with my husband there.

SCF: Favorite park/beach and why?

AW: So tough, because I am completely in love with the entire Bolsa Chica area from the wetlands to the beaches. I really love the central park here in OC and walking through there with my family, it makes you feel like you are in NYC right in the middle of HB.

HB Central Park | Surf City Family
SCF: Do you have a secret/tip to give anyone who wants to visit/live in Huntington Beach?
AW: Find a small older house in a nice neighborhood, fix it up and make it your own. Open your garage door, meet your neighbors and invest in an awesome beach cruiser. Take your dog to the dog beach, take your children to Central Park and learn to take up frisbee golf. You never really have to leave HB, everything you need is here. My best tip: go to North Shore Poke or Sessions Sandwiches for lunch.

SCF: Thanks Alicia! Readers, see what Alicia’s restaurants have in store for the holidays. 

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