Good Vibes from Photographer Baja Billy

If you are on Instagram and love seeing photographs of local surfers, then you’ve probably seen and admired the work of @bajabilly.  Bill “Baja” Wallace works for the Huntington Beach Public Works Department and is a photo hobbyist.

“I shoot with a Nikon D3400 without a tripod so I can be mobile,” said Bill. He usually edits his photos using Instagram. “I love to photograph the Ocean because I have a passion for surfing. So I love to shoot surfers and waves and nearby creatures and animals.”

Photo by “Baja Billy” Wallace


Photo by Baja Billy Wallace

According to Bill, “The thing about photography that I love is the editing. There’s  always 1 or 2 photos that stand out and make it worth the time.”


Photo by Baja Bill Wallace
Photo by Baja Bill Wallace


Follow Bill Wallace on Instagram @bajabilly for more cool surf photos and videos too!

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