Young Photographer Jaana Mantere Follows Her Passion

I met young Jaana during a special awards luncheon hosted by the Huntington Union Council. She was one of the award recipients of the Reflections Art Contest. She was such a polite and interesting young lady! We got to talking and realized we followed each other on Instagram, so I asked her to share some thoughts and photos with Surf City Family! 


My name is Jaana Mantere and I am an 8th grader at Dwyer Middle School. I mostly use a point and shoot camera, but I also use my phone, GoPro Hero, and 360 cameras. My favorite editing programs are Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, and Vectr. I also use an app called InShot to edit photos. I use a Canon PowerShot SX530 HS.

Sunset in Globe Huntington Beach Photo by Jaana Mantere

I love to photograph nature, especially the beach at sunset. Also, I have recently started photographing portraits. I like to photograph nature because I think it is beautiful and want to capture it so I can see it later and share it with other people. I like to shoot portraits because I want people to feel confident and have a picture that makes them feel proud to be who they are. In addition, I think it’s really fun to see peoples’ different personalities and the types of photos they want. Whether they want to put on a serious face, or strike a silly pose, it’s a lot of fun to take a wide variety of pictures and make people happy.

Wave Photo by Jaana Mantere


Huntington Beach Sunset


And last but not least, some words of advice from our young photographer:

“When trying photography for the first time, the best thing to do is practice, take A LOT of pictures, and be patient. You may not always get the picture you envisioned, but you have to keep trying. Also, taking many pictures will give you a higher chance of getting that perfect shot, and it gives you more practice! What may seem like a subtle difference when taking a photo can actually make a huge difference in the actual picture.”  Follow Jaana on Instagram @surf_city_pics

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  1. Jaana, your pictures are so beautiful. I especially like the one with the big wave, also the sunsets. Seeing the sunsets makes me feel sad, because there is no beach to watch the sun set hear. Oh we have some great sunsets here. But no waves breaking on the shore. Looking forward to seeing more pictures from you. Lots of love Aunt Vernette. Congratulations on your award.

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