Alice’s Breakfast in the Park to close after Labor Day

It’s sad but true. In a few weeks, Alice’s Breakfast in the Park will be no more. That quaint little place at Central Park, where home cooked meals and tchotchkes reign supreme, where the ducks and geese outside keep children entertained, and where the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls beckon when you are taking a stroll in the park. You know the place. You must have gone there at least once in its 30 years of existence. Or perhaps you’ve heard about it. Like a secret, too good to keep.

As for me, it was one of the first places I checked out when we moved from Burlington, NJ to Huntington Beach. In fact it reminded me a lot about the colonial charm of our old town which seemed as far away as it could be from that young Surf City vibe.

The food was okay, if a bit pricey, but it was one of those places you liked anyway. I think I only went back once with an out-of-town guest. And then this summer, I took my kids.

After an aggressive goose bit my 5 y.o., only the promise of a cinnamon roll for dessert (and ice on his thigh) could calm the little dude down. The food took a while but we had fun looking at all the things on the walls. The place looked the same except everything had a tag-price.

The meals were filling and the service was top notch. If you haven’t gone to this secret wonderland, it’s time you paid Alice a visit. You don’t have much time.

I can only hope that whatever takes its place isn’t a soul-less cookie cutter franchise of something or other. Places that are unique and charming like Alice’s Breakfast in the Park are few and far between these days.

Alice’s Breakfast in the Park
is located at 6622 Lakeview Drive, Huntington Beach, CA Tel. 714.848.0690.

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