New Fashion Finds in Huntington Beach

I love discovering new places in town.

While I find that it is nice enough to shop for clothes at big retailers like Target or Kohl’s, sometimes, I just want something special and if I’m lucky, one of a kind. That’s when I turn to little boutiques downtown and in other unexpected places (a strip mall?) in Huntington Beach.


Back with a vengeance in fashion are HATS. From beanies to Fedoras to fancy hats with feathers and lace, HATS are HOT. If you’ve been to The Scoop on Cookies, then you might have noticed the cute little hat store next to it called the Hollywood Hat Lounge

Hollywood Hat Lounge

The HB branch is the store’s second location; the other one being in Hollywood. You can also shop online at


After a yummy lunch at L&L, I stumbled upon Luna Boutique at the Newland Center on Beach. Right next to Solstice Tanning Salon (they have the same owners — get it– Luna y Sol), Luna Boutique boasts trendy dresses, casual wear and eclectic accessories.

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