Awesome Halloween Houses in Huntington Beach

Three days before Halloween, I decided to check up on the houses that I visited last year for my Rockin’ Halloween article. So off I went first to the Banning Tract, where Heather didn’t disappoint. On the corner of Christine Dr. and Islander, a garage has been transformed into Pirate Central.

They are offering previews before Halloween, check out this poster I found at the Banning Library.

Meanwhile in the Fountain Valley side of town, from the guys that brought us Star Wars on the block, Fairy Tale land has come alive on Santa Mariana from Tern to Nightingale. There seem to be more houses involved in this mega-production which feature The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe, A Giant Gingerbread House, Pinocchio’s fun house from his adventures, and even a massive whale!

And if an actual Haunted House, is more your speed, check out another annual Halloween tradition put up by Huntington Beach-residents Ken and Teri Earwood. It’s a Haunted House at 5631 Serene Dr. I read from Michael Miller of the HB Independent that they put up quite a show too.

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