Bear in a Lamborghini and Stick Baby Put News Spotlight on Huntington Beach

Our beloved Huntington Beach has made the news again but this time it’s not about surfing or a surf riot,but rather about a BEAR, a bear in a luxury car to be exact. Yesterday a big brown bear in a yellow lamborghini drew quite a crowd in downtown Huntington Beach, in front of Starbucks. Turns out, it was a prank for Uncle John TV, JustinTime Pranks and Chuck Testa – YouTube collaborators.

See what all the fuss was about and find out about this #lambearghini

Just last month this other YouTube video, taken on the Huntington Beach Pier just before Halloween, won the internet. It’s a video of a toddler in a costume with LED lights made to look like a stick figure. Since then, its creator Royce Hutain has put up a KickStarter page for LEDBaby.

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