5 Things to Be Thankful For In Huntington Beach

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
-William Arthur Ward

Every day, I am grateful that we live in our very own paradise of Huntington Beach. Each time I take a stroll on the beach or at a local park, I am filled with gratitude. Let me say THANK YOU to you dear readers in this photo essay about Huntington Beach, California, that shows 5 things I am THANKFUL for

1. The weather – thanks to Huntington Beach’s Mediterranean climate, it’s never too hot or cold. Take note: this photo was taken in September! And yes, the sunny weather lasts even through the fall/winter months.


2. Summers in Huntington Beach – Of course it’s true that we enjoy summer-like weather nearly year round, and we can go to the beach daily to have fun in the sand or surf but there are things like Adventure Playground, a low-key, old school spot that’s open only in the summer.

Adventure Playground | Surf City Family

3. Bike racks and bike lanes – Though not quite as bike/pedestrian friendly as other places, Huntington Beach embraces a healthy lifestyle and that includes provisions for those who prefer to ride their bikes to the beach or downtown.

Bike Racks at Huntington Beach City Hall

4.Surfing and Surf Culture – Huntington Beach is not called Surf City for nothing. Our schools have surf clubs! This photo was taken during one of my son’s surf club meetings early in the morning, on a week day.

Surf Club | Huntington Beach

5. The Spirit of Entrepreneurship – Walk down Main Street on a Tuesday night and see all the local vendors and entrepreneurs making a bid for your attention. Many companies had their start in Huntington Beach and continue to thrive. You may have heard of these Hamboard guys from their recent stint on a TV show.

Hamboards | Huntington Beach

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