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My Huntington Beach – Feanna Otta of Kait Emerson Designs

This week’s “My Huntington Beach (My HB)” features mom-about-town, the lovely fashion designer, Feanna Otta of Kait Emerson Designs. She talks about Huntington Beach’s laid back vibe and shares tips for people visiting our Surf City on busy holidays.

Surf City Family | Feanna Otta | My HB
Surf City Family (SCF): How long have you lived in Huntington Beach?

Feanna Otta (FO):  I have lived in Huntington Beach for the last 16 years. Growing up in a surfing family; it just made sense to relocate closer to the water.

SCF: What do you like best about living here?

FO: Our laid-back surf culture, our weather and most of all living near the Ocean.

SCF: Name your favorite place to get breakfast?

FO: The Cafe Cup

SCF: Best place for dining out with the family?

FO: Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

SCF: Favorite park/beach and why?

FO: HB at PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) & 9th Street. We used to live off 9th street and it has just always been our go to spot. It’s kinda of locals spot, great bike parking, bathrooms and the beach break isn’t too rough.

SCF: Do you have a secret/tip to give anyone who wants to visit/live in Huntington Beach? What is it?

FO: If visiting during 4th of July or the week of the US Open of Surfing get here early or you won’t find parking.

Thank you so much, Feanna. Be sure to check out Feanna’s Etsy Shop – Kait Emerson Designs – which feature the cutest children’s clothing for modern girls and boys.

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