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Maria Nougues and Hunter Thais are the dynamic duo behind Shot Hunters, an aerial video and photography company. They specialize in drone photography and they caught our eye initially because of the amazing aerial shots they’ve taken of Huntington Beach.

Like this one:

We chatted with Maria and Hunter about their HB Favorites.
ShotHunters_HB Questions

Surf City Family (SCF): How long have you lived in Huntington Beach?

Shot Hunters (SH): “We moved to Huntington Beach in October of 2014. We moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina so that we could pursue our dream of opening an aerial photography business. So far, we think its one of the best decisions that we have made together.”

SCF: What do you like best about living here?

SH: “The best part about living in Huntington Beach is the great weather, people, and endless list of activities. Every week, we find ourselves learning something new about living here and we are always finding new events to attend. The social life and community involvement of Huntington Beach is what really makes this city special.”

SCF: Name your favorite place to get breakfast?

SH: “Perhaps a bit boring, but we really enjoy going to Denny’s on Ellis and Beach Blvd. After our first visit on a Sunday morning back in November, we hit it off really well with our server and have been back several times just to say hi and grab our favorite breakfast! Our second favorite though, is the Sugar Shack Café on Main Street. We love the décor and how close they are to the pier!”

SCF: Best place for dining out on a special occasion?

SH: “For a special night out, we love going to Sandy’s on Pacific Coast Highway. The view from the restaurant balcony is amazing and the food is absolutely great. Our favorite two dishes are the Ceviche appetizer and the BBQ Baby Back Ribs!”

SCF: Favorite park/beach and why?

SH: “When we first came to Huntington Beach, we fell in love with the pier and the surrounding beach next to Main Street because of how pretty and iconic the area was. However, after we explored a bit more of the surrounding beaches, we really enjoy Sunset beach in front of the Huntington Beach Harbor. Here, the crowds are a bit less and there is parking available for free on the street. A great spot for out-of-towners to enjoy the beach with a little more quiet.”

SCF: Do you have a secret/tip to give anyone who wants to visit/live in Huntington Beach? What is it?

SH: “ If you’re just coming for the day and would like to visit the pier and Main beach, here is my tip- parking is free just two blocks away from Main Street. Don’t be fooled by the meters! There is plenty of parking along the side streets next to Main Beach. You might have to walk for a few minutes but it’s a better alternative to paying and having to return later to re-pay the parking meter.”

Thanks guys! See you around.

Learn more about Shot Hunters by visiting their website at and on

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