#FabFind: Perry’s Pizza A New Hangout

In a strip mall on Brookhurst at Hamilton, there’s new pizza joint that’s not your typical pizza takeout place. Perry’s Pizza (not to be confused with another place with the same name on Edinger) relocated to Huntington Beach from its original Newport Beach location this year. You can click here to read their history.

Perry's Pizza is located in the same shopping center as Trader Joe' Brookhurst on the corner of Hamilton, Huntington Beach.
Perry’s Pizza is located in the same shopping center as Trader Joe’s next to TKO Records.

Let’s talk about their pizza!

Pizzas are always made fresh.
Pizzas are always made fresh.
The Sicilian Crust is on point!
The Sicilian Crust is on point!

You can order pizza by the slice. A cheese slice is $3.30 and a pepperoni slice is $3.50. You can customize your own pizza too – thin or Sicilian (thick) crust, red or white sauce, and a multitude of toppings to choose from bacon, chicken, ham, meatballs, basil, bell peppers etc. You can also try their specialty pies BBQ Chicken, Ranch Monster, Rosemary Potato Chicken and Superstar.

The day we stopped by our Surf City Family opted for a Sicilian Crust with Red Sauce and Chicken. (My kids’ made it up). And it was delicious! The crust was just right. There are TV screens at Perry’s and that afternoon we watched women’s soccer, while we gobbled up our pizza. I also had their AMAZING meatballs. And guess what, they serve beer too.

Mama mia! That's a tasty meatball!
Mama mia! That’s a tasty meatball!

Perry’s Pizza on Brookhurst (where the Trader Joe’s is) is definitely more than a regular ol’ pizza joint, it’s got the potential to be a really fun family-friendly neighborhood hangout! We cannot wait to return.

Perry’s Pizza is located at 21411 Brookhurst St., Huntington Beach, CA You can view their menu here.

Perry's Pizza | Surf City Family
The tables at Perry’s feature a collage of different photos – from customers’ pictures, to memories from the old location to photos from the build here in Huntington Beach.

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