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Escape Stress at Pacific Waters Spa in Huntington Beach

Two hours.Two hours was all I had and yet it felt like I had escaped for an entire day and came back recharged! This is the power of a spa experience. This is what it was like to visit the Pacific Waters Spa at the Hyatt in Huntington Beach.

Pacific Waters Spa Entry | Huntington Beach | Hyatt Resort

I had an appointment for a Pacific Massage – your standard Swedish-style relaxing massage for 50 minutes. And while that was pretty exciting, what I really looked forward to was all the other amenities at Pacific Waters – the sauna and steam room, the whirlpool and even the relaxation room for a moment of zen. I gladly put my phone away in the locker and donned the plush robe and simply decompressed. The relaxation room is like a comfy living room with nice chairs, magazines and a variety of teas and dried fruit and nuts to munch on. I grabbed some green tea and picked a travel magazine and simply surrendered to peace and quiet.

Spa | Hyatt Huntington Beach

My masseuse came to get me and for the next 50 minutes all the knots and aches and pains in my body melted away. Best of all, any mental stress slowly disappeared as well. I kept thinking to myself, why don’t I do this more often?

We are so lucky to live where we do. But sometimes, when a walk on the beach isn’t enough to escape the stresses of daily life, you simply need to take a mini-mental vacation. With the Hyatt and Pacific Waters Spa in our community, this is not hard to do. Walking around the Mediterranean-inspired Spanish-style estate transports you to another world, where cellphones are silent and life is good.

You do not have to be a guest of the hotel to experience Pacific Waters Spa. Consider getting a membership ( I know I want one!) At $119.00/month, you receive service credit per month, 2 month rolling credit (which you can use on ANY treatment), limited spa and resort access, including use of the hotel pool* and fitness center during spa business hours among other benefits. (*pool subject to blackout dates)

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