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Kite Party XIV Brings Amazing Kite Flying to Huntington Beach

Text and All Photos by Larry Tenney

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a whale or a pinwheel or an octopus or a trilobite. Nope! It was Kite Party XIV at the Huntington Beach Pier, Northside, Saturday & Sunday, March 12 & 13, 2016.

Kite Party | Larry Tenney
This photo shows the wide scale of things from Saturday. The large “Octopus” kites were custom designed and built by Peter Lynn in New Zealand and flown by kite expert Richard of Three Rivers, CA.

This year’s Kite Party, brought together nearly 100 registered expert participants from around the world. Scores of locals and visitors joined in the festivities by bringing or purchasing kites to fly on the perimeter of the official flying field. The event included professional demonstrations, sport kite flying lessons offered by Revolution Kites from San Diego, and a Saturday night dinner and auction held at Lampost Pizza in Huntington Beach.

The annual event is organized and hosted by Dave Shenkman from Kite Connection, the kite store on the HB Pier. Kite Party has previously been voted Best Kite Event in the US. Shenkman explained, “In its fourteenth year, Kite Party is a fun time for all out here on the sand.
It’s designed to build interest and community among kite enthusiasts.”

Kite Party XIV was dedicated to the late Ron Despojado, a founding member of San Diego Kite Club.

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Here are some images from the annual Kite Party in Huntington Beach.
Kite enthusiasts from near and far participated in Kite Party XIV. Pictured are banners from kite clubs in Costa Mesa and San Diego.
Kite Party | Larry Tenney

Larry Tenney for Surf City Family, Kite Party

Kite festival, kite party, Photo by Larry Tenney

Richard, kite expert from Three Rivers, CA, brought several “Octopus” kites that were custom made by Peter Lynn in New Zealand. The red “Octopus” is pictured here.

Octopus Kite, Huntington Beach

Charles, an expert flyer from Escondido, CA, readies his 80’ “Mille Stella” (1000 Stars) kite for launch.
Mile Stella kite

Expert kite flyer Glenn from Coalinga, CA, shows off his red, white and blue Trilobite. Designed to look like a prehistoric creature, the 16M kite was designed in and purchased from China.
Trilobite Kite, Kite Party

Wherever he flies kites, Tony Jetland of Martinez, CA, is sure to bring along his sons. Featured here on kites are sons Seth Jetland and Master Sergeant Benjamin Jetland.
Jetland Kite

Jetland Kite Photo by Larry Tenney

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