Huntington Beach Pier | Water Photography by FotoMerlin

Huntington Beach Water Photography by FotoMerlin

This week’s featured photographer is another Surf City Family favorite. He is known for his wave shots as @fotomerlin on Instagram and his work is even featured on In his own words, FotoMerlin talks about his passion for photography and shares some of his beautiful images.

Words and Photos by Merlin Wehrer

My name is Merlin Matthew Wehrer and I’m a stay at home dad/ photographer.I use a variety of cameras. I use a GoPro for my water photography. I also have a Nikon DLSR that I use for my land shots and ocean/sunset shots. I love using it to take pics of my son Matteo. I always use my phone to take pictures on the go.


I have an iPhone 6 that I use to get family shots on the go. To edit my shots I use Lightroom. It’s a great program and it’s easy to use!

Huntington Beach Pier | FotoMerlin

My (dry) camera is a Nikon D80. I love to shoot sunsets and use it to shoot weddings also. Great all around camera. It’s also great to shoot my friends surfing from the beach.

Surfer by FotoMerlin

My passion is water photography. I really enjoy getting in the water before sunrise and capturing the unreal colors and reflections that that time of day has to offer. Of course with our beautiful pier in the background!

Huntington Beach Pier Wave by FotoMerlin

I love shooting waves because there’s so much more going on out there. I see all of the ocean life wake up for breakfast! It’s the best when a squadron of Pelicans fly through. Or a pod of dolphins. There’s no where else that you can experience these things. And there’s always a chance that a shark is swimming right under you! That’s always on my mind lately with all this shark talk goin’ around. The ocean is full of wonder. It’s what life’s all about for me. The ocean is where my heart lies. Not to mention I get a really awesome workout!

Huntington Beach Sunset, FotoMerlin

Under the HB Pier, FotoMerlin

I would encourage anyone to pick up a camera and take some photos. It’s very relaxing for me. Heck you don’t even need a DSLR just take a couple on your phone. The technology is getting better every day!

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